Friday, December 31, 2010

Controlled chaos

One of my favorite spots in the garden

First, I'll give you a brief history of me. That way you can have an idea what to expect from this blog. I am currently, living in a passive solar house, built in the 70's by a 'Back To The Land Mover'. I am nestled in the woods of Maine, with my 'Fiance', (this is kind of a family joke, because he is the Father of my three kids; ages 13 yrs, 12 yrs and 4 months) our 3 kids, 4 dogs and 6 chickens. Before we moved here (6 months ago), we lived in Wyoming for a year (I'll save that story for another time).

Rain Trellis
When it rained the water would cascade down and around
this trellis. We used this instead of a down spout.
climbing peace rose

Before the year in Wyoming, we lived on Nantucket Island. On Nantucket, I ran my own organic gardening business in the spring, summer and fall. During the winter, I had a variety of random jobs. The one I did most often, and enjoyed the most, was being a decorative painter. Some of the other jobs I had (which generally all ended badly) were: Baker, office assistant, writer for one of the local newspapers and magazines, Pizza chef and taxi driver.
baby black zucchini


  This garden was only on a half acre, but I managed to create several garden rooms full of grapes, hops, blueberries, medicinal herbs, apple, pear and pomegranate trees. Along with several rooms for just vegetables and other ones for cut flowers. I built trellises from sassafras trees, for my roses, beans, gourds and morning glories.  

sassafras supports for tomato plants
apple tree

Amish speckled lettuce, with seaweed mulch
 This is one of the things that I miss most about Nantucket
. Since we've come to Maine, my mate has tirelessly worked to clear me some gardening space. For Christmas, the only thing I asked for was seeds. Guess what I got? So in the upcoming months, I will be planning my new garden, building a greenhouse (we still haven't decided on a quick hoop house or a permanent slip form stone one... We are waiting for the tax man to get back to us on what the taxes will be on a permanent one).

Shed with sassafras trellis
and old fashioned blaze rose

fairy rose

golden hops and concord grapes on copper arbor

These are some pictures of my, much missed, Nantucket gardens. Hope these bring you fond memories of summer, to get you through the long winter months. In a few months I hope to update my garden pictures, with my new Maine gardens!

Loaded blueberry bush

Okay, all I really talked about, in this article, was gardening.  Rest assured, this will not be my only subject. I hope, to have some eco-friendly tutorials on this blog soon. Along with tips on how not to clean your house and what should and shouldn't be put in the compost. Also you can expect some drunken ramblings on life with 4 dogs and 3 kids.
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PS. thank you for reading my ramblings! Stay tuned.

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  1. Here at the Simmer homestead we love to garden. We might have swap seeds if you have something of interest :)